10 Creative and Modern Kitchen Sink Ideas

At first glance, your kitchen sink appears to serve a completely utilitarian purpose. From faucet to basin, every aspect of your sink fulfills a particular role, and the creative potential hidden in this kitchen feature can be hard to see. As you get ready for your kitchen remodel, however, you should be aware of the intriguing kitchen sink models and ideas you can use to make this bland feature the most interesting part of your kitchen.

1. Put It in the Corner

While this tip is one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen look fun and unique, it’s one of the most commonly overlooked tools for creating a creative and exciting kitchen. Corner sinks look great in any kitchen, and they open up possibilities in this part of your home that you may have never considered.

If you take a moment to think about it, you’ll realize that the corner of your kitchen is one of the most underutilized parts of this room. Kitchen corners are notoriously awkward places, and even if you use this area for storing jars, appliances, or other kitchen necessities, plucking the right item from the corner of your kitchen exactly when you need it can be challenging.

Corner kitchen sinks solve this dilemma by making the corner of your kitchen the most important part of the room. These sinks are attractive and functional, and they open up the rest of your counter space for innovative storage solutions.

2. Try a Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks are trendy again, and homeowners around the country are rediscovering the joys of owning these types of sinks. Unlike most other types of kitchen sinks, farmhouse sinks are incredibly deep and wide, and they usually only have single basins. What really sets farmhouse sinks apart from the competition, is a feature at the front of each sink called an apron.

These aprons feature the same material that the rest of the sink uses, and they can add extra color or vibrancy to your kitchen depending on the sink material you choose. For instance, the apron on a copper farmhouse sink can add a warm glow to your kitchen, and a granite composite apron will fit in perfectly with your quartz counter top.

Since farmhouse sinks are deeper and wider than normal kitchen sinks, they’re perfect for families that don’t use dishwashers. These sinks offer the perfect blend between utility and beauty in your kitchen.

10 Creative and Modern Kitchen Sink Ideas


3. Copper Is Always in Style

Whichever sink style you choose, you should consider the benefits of copper. Artisans have used copper to make kitchen sinks for centuries, and the benefits of copper sinks remain valid to this day.

Copper is an incredibly durable material, and it is resistant to stains and tarnish. Plus, there’s something special about the appearance of copper that you shouldn’t underestimate. No other sink material features the warm glow that has made copper a favorite in kitchens for generations. Keep in mind, however, that copper sinks are usually more expensive than their stainless steel counterparts.

4. Get a Sink with Different-Sized Basins

Who says that both basins in your sink need to be the same shape and size? Having irregular basin sizes can add a unique flair to your kitchen, and taking this approach also has practical benefits.

For instance, you generally need more space to wash dishes than you do to soak them, which would make having a kitchen sink with different-sized basins highly helpful. If you ever find the opposite to be true, however, it’s easy to switch basins.

10 Creative and Modern Kitchen Sink Ideas


5. Install Your Sink in a Curved Counter

If you’re completely redoing your kitchen, you might want to consider the benefits of having a curved counter top. If you install a kitchen counter that curves around you, it’s easier to reach all your appliances and kitchen accessories.

The curved kitchen counter approach, however, requires a sink to match. Find a slightly curved sink that will fit perfectly in the middle of your avant-garde kitchen counter top.

6. Choose an Island Sink

Having your sink in the middle of a kitchen island can be convenient in several ways. With your fridge, oven, and dishwasher behind or next to you, it’s easy to grab ingredients, pop rinsed dishes in the dishwasher, or put freshly washed veggies in the oven to bake.

Plus, kitchen islands have an air of luxury that you shouldn’t overlook. While you’ll need a lot of space to pull off a kitchen island correctly, you’ll find that your reorganization efforts were well worth it in the end.

7. Use Soapstone for Your Sink

Soapstone is incredibly soft, and it also has a few other benefits that you should consider. Unlike marble, soapstone doesn’t stain, and it also resists incredibly hot temperatures. Plus, soapstone is antibacterial, and it’s relatively eco-friendly since manufacturers don’t use any chemicals when they cut and prepare this mineral.

8. Invest in a Multipurpose Sink

You might have seen the pictures of circular sinks with cutting board or bowl inserts that are trending on platforms like Pinterest. Multipurpose sinks aren’t right for every kitchen, but they have undeniable benefits. Instead of carefully moving food scraps from your cutting board to your sink, you can prepare your meats and vegetables directly on your sink when you invest in one of these multipurpose wonders.

9. Pick a Sink with a Unique Shape

Whether you prefer guitars, martini glasses, or hearts, you can display your individuality for all to see with a uniquely-shaped kitchen sink.

10. Turn Your Sink into a Cooler

Some sinks are just as perfect for entertaining as they are for cooking and cleaning. If you select a long sink for your kitchen island, for instance, you can fill it with ice whenever you have company and insert drinks and snacks that will stay cool in an aesthetically impressive environment.

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